Im looking at his body at his funeral, and it was like: I was just with him yesterday, Yen says. Nothing matters, be free, or nothing matters, give up. The film was released in North America by The Weinstein Company's Dragon Dynasty label, and remains its biggest hit.Yen also attracted rave reviews when he played an honorable general in 'An Empress and her Warriors' and an offbeat ghost-buster in Gordon Chan's 'Painted Skin'.Yen took his career to a new level when he accepted producer Raymond Wong's suggestion that he play Bruce Lee's teacher, 'Ip Man', in an eponymous film relating the life of the great master. And this idea of nothing matters, you can go two ways. Thats not going to happen. I was able to perform like a robot., The Hong Kong studio system was a strict no bullshit environment. In 1997, Yen set up his own production company, Bullet Films. I think I would be nervous to throw a dildo at you. And all these things keep coming at you. "The name was Shang or Chang. Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen talks about his favorite martial arts films, his extensive career, and infusing his latest film, Flash Point, with the styles of Mixed Martial Arts. And walk away. Donnie Yen is a martial-arts master and one of the top leading men in the new style of Hong Kong action cinema. My mom and I were separated for eight years, Yen says. He notably turned down a role in The Expendables franchise due to how. And with Chuck Norris. David Axelrod, Sarah Longwell and Preet Bharara on What to Look For in the Jan. 6 Hearings, The Elon That Were Seeing Today Is Not the Same One We Saw a Couple Years Ago, David Ellison on Top Gun: Maverick, Working With Tom Cruise and Hiring John Lasseter. That would scare the hell out of me. The film followed Ip's life journey to Hong Kong, where he faces both rival kung fu masters, led by the film's choreographer, Sammo Hung, and a brutal foreign boxer, portrayed by the late Darren Shahlavi. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. 'Seven Swords' premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and proved a hit with worldwide audiences. This is not uncommon. The movie, which premiered at the London Film Festival, paid tribute to the great history of Hong Kong martial arts cinema.During the shooting of his ambitious, time travel themed action fantasy 'Iceman 3D', Yen was approached to revitalize the greatest brand in the history of Chinese martial arts cinema. Its just like youre on LSD the whole time. It doesnt look real at all.. Do you think its a new phase or not? The C.E.O. . Coat, $1,981, by Lanvin. The Chinese, we all have our way of interpreting the story. That isnt, he says, a criticism directed solely atJohn Wick. In 'Iron Monkey', Yen played the father of Wong Fei-hung, and its success prefigured that which he would later enjoy as another pugilistic patriarch in 'Ip Man'. I had a very respectful experience working onJohn Wick. When Yuen Woo-ping is talking, everybody would just listen. I feel that way when I think about Black Panther and everything else. I never say no to him. Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone have a long-running Hollywood friendship. Whats it like to be in such a silly film for you? Why do you have to be so generic? All rights reserved. So I went in the day after, and I finished the scene., Yen is not telling this story for the sake of some misguided bravado but more to explain the heady Hong Kong film scene of the 1980s and 90s. Doesnt smile, shared Yen, who suggested making Chirrut mwe blind. The film brought Yen his first real attention as a thespian and he was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category at that year's Hong Kong Film Awards. And he heard about it, and he says, oh, get well soon. We never had a storyboard. I think that was our attitude. After a period where he was based in Los Angeles, Donnie returned East by way of the West when Jackie Chan requested that Yen play his nemesis in the hit 'Shanghai Knights', a shoot that took the star from Prague to London.Yen returned to China to co-star in director Zhang Yimou's epic wu xia master work 'Hero'. His mother, Bow-sim Mark, was a kung fu master and his father, Kylster Yen, a newspaper editor and amateur musician. At the same time, Donnie was influenced by his parents' love of music and reached a high level of proficiency as a pianist. Gloves, $140, by Ernest W. Baker. I want to be a singer. Today, Yen is one of China's biggest actors, the last in a dynasty of martial arts stars that runs from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan to Jet Li. Because her husband is the one thats always trying to find happiness and silliness and joy and all those kind of thats why he puts the googly eyes, in hopes that it will make her laugh. The biggest stars - Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen - kung fu and wuxia, the leading martial arts film directors, and the best films to watch. Li solidified himself as an icon in the genre with his historical fiction epic Once Upon a Time in China as folk hero Wong Fei-hung. Let me take a look." But as a martial artist? They are meant to be respectful. It's always fun to see Chan dip his toes into new waters and re-invent his persona, and his battle with Donne Yen in Twins Effect II is an example of exactly that in a sword-clashing duel of two martial arts legends. Jet Li Nearly Blinded Donnie Yen While Filming On Two Different Movies, Donnie Yen's Ip Man 2 Has A Secret Jet Li Connection (& It's Genius), John Wick 4 - Why Donnie Yen Is More Important Than You Think. And in fact, he knows all he has to do is call. She was very forceful, old school, like what you see in the movies. Nothing matters, and therefore be free, or nothing matters, and therefore give up. Our stories do matter. At the time, Hong Kong cinemaas personified by Jackie Chanwas producing the most electrifying action movies in the world. Its about are you going to be able to take in and accept and embrace all these new rules that you cannot put yourself first. In addition to Ip Man and Rogue One, Yen rose to fame by appearing in films such as Hero," Iron Monkey," Raging Fire, Once Upon a Time in China," Blade II," Chasing the Dragon opposite Andy Lau, "Shanghai Knights opposite Jackie Chan, and Mulan opposite Liu Yifei. Last take, the guy overshot and cracked Yen in the face, slicing open his brow a quarter-inch from his eye, nearly blinding him. Oh, I was a Chinese opera singer. Its like when you after I read the script, its like, no one has ever thought of me in a role like this, it is true. The film has been a daunting task. And, while hes still known for his fight scenesno actor better understands or displays the balletic beauty of raw, human combathe no longer has to take shots in the face. If there was a stunt, you did it yourself. You must not give up. Because I was running from Singapore, and then take the flight literally ran out of the set. We will see. NEXT: Donnie Yen Should Front A xXx Spinoff Franchise. Theres a love story. Donnie Yen is making his "John Wick" debut in the upcoming fourth installment as Caine, a blind assassin caught between his ties to the villainous High Table and his friendship with Keanu. Look at theJohn Wick franchise itself, which would not exist without the influences of John Woo and Yuen. Its about whats happening in our society. 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny' was shot primarily on location in New Zealand, with Yen in the lead role. "The name was Shang or Chang. And you know, you carry it with you everywhere you go. I dont want to do that again. Yen himself was nominated for Best Actor at the Chinese Hundred Flower awards.Yen followed this with 'Ip Man 2', a rare example of a sequel that proved a match for its predecessor. We came into this life naked. She is this very ordinary woman. And you can sing to many, or you can just sing to one. And I dont want to give away, but it plays a big role. The 59-year old will not be taking on Hollywood roles that are deemed "generic" and if it doesn't respect his Chinese culture. Have you been in animation? Yen also shared during his interview that he was able to pay homage to his idol, Bruce Lee, through Caines new look. This movie was for Jackie Chan originally and then switched very quickly to you. But Im there, you know?, Yens Chinese patriotism can get him into troublemost notably during the 2019 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, during which Yens pro-Beijing stance prompted many cinemagoers in his home city to boycott his movies. The same handful of tired old stereotypes: the sage warrior, the stern general, the one-dimensional villain. So, talk about being silly because you, you know, in many of your movies, youre dignified, poised, et cetera. Maybe now it can happen. Why does he always have to be called Shang or Chang? Typical master. Donnie collaborated with Yuen on the action for the film, designing a new on-screen interpretation of Wong Fei-hung's classic 'Shadowless Kick'. Here are both Jackie Chan vs. Donnie Yen fight scenes and the movies in which they feature. He shows me a rough cut of the trailer forakra. Much like other beloved Chinese actors before him, like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and the late Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen has found Hollywood fame after becoming a big star in Hong Kong action movies. Its a stylish affair, beautifully shot. At the same time, he began spending his nights in Boston's notorious Combat Zone. ", Related: Donnie Yen's Ip Man 2 Has A Secret Jet Li Connection (& It's Genius). Da aber Jackie Chan inzwischen fast 70 Jahre alt ist und Donnie Yen noch keine 60, gehe ich Mal davon aus das zweiteres noch agiler und strker ist. The point is: He might be sore the next day, butfor now, at leasthe can still deliver. Yen playsGeneral Lone, a warrior out to free the land of Huadu from the tyrannical rule of a sinister Queen. Donnie also took up hip-hop and break-dancing. Bullying a Dragon: Donnie has an anecdote in which he and his girlfriend were harassed in a Hong Kong club in the 1990s by a troublesome gang. Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen. That discussion between her and the man she left behind. Its wild, its wonderful, its weird, its everything. That hasnt stopped a lot of people. This is aJohn Wick movie. Today, he says, he sees a big difference in the way he and other Asian actors are treated in Hollywood. It took a long time for Yen to become a leading man. Due to restrictions imposed by the Mao government of the era, Yens motherBow-sim Mark, a nationally renowned wushu grandmasterwas not permitted to accompany them. They think theyre serving Chinese food. If the Daniels, if you look at them, you go, OK, anything goes. Youre not allowed to look at the camera. And then you pull back and you go, what the heck do they have at the end of their sleeve? Klicken Sie auf Alle ablehnen, wenn Sie nicht mchten, dass wir und unsere Partner Cookies und personenbezogene Daten fr diese zustzlichen Zwecke verwenden. In Everything Everywhere All at Once, Yeoh plays the superhero: a Chinese American immigrant mother who is called upon to save the world and herself by hopping across multiverses. Not to give away, but theyre very tender in your hot dog universe. So, I said, I would love to be able to try I think at that point in that period, the glory years of Hong Kong cinema, it was comedies and action movies that were the best sellers. 10 February 2023; . And its a science fiction. I had a very respectful experience working on John Wick. Overall, I enjoyed making the film, he said. Born in China, Yen moved with his family to Boston, where his mother, a tai-chi . And did you approach the performance differently? And he was going to be the principal. (I told you: ageless.). The couple now has two children, a girl and boy, Jasmine and James. Lately, Yen has been thinking more about his legacy. He came over and he made a few movies. Our latest episode of Vs. might be our most epic yet as we pit the four biggest martial artists/movie stars of all time against each other in one stats-heavy battle royale: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Donnie Yen. I've already done Jackie Chan's best fights and Jet Li's best fights, so with the domestic release of Dragon (), it's time to look at the best fights from the current king of Hong Kong action movies, Donnie Yen.. There was the Yuen clan, the Jackie Chan clan, and the Sammo Hung clan, Yen says. It's all here More from NextShark: 'Chinese people are the worst': 'Genshin Impact' streamer under fire after racist tirade during stream. (Caines redesigned look is, Yen says, partly an homage to his hero Bruce Lee.). In Hong Kong during those heady early days, there was no real dividing line between the actors and the stunt department. He was eventually forced to borrow money from loan sharks. Yeoh plays Evelyn Wang, the hardworking owner of a failing laundromat whos too busy to tend to the little but important things in life. I cant believe you jump from trucks and youre scared of the stage. Throughout his career, Hollywood has never quite known what to do with himor, until recently, any Asian leading men, for that matter. But that touches and goes places. The Rise of Gru. Oh, my god. The publication also noted that Yen has become more selective when offered Hollywood roles and asks if the roles are respectful to Chinese culture and unique. The film won Donnie his third Best Action Choreography prize at the Hong Kong Film Awards, as well as a prize for Best Action in a Foreign Language Film at the Taurus Awards.Yen explored different styles of screen combat when he choreographed the stunning kung fu fights for the period actioners 'Legend of the Fist' and 'The Lost Bladesman', the fantasy combat for 'The Monkey King' and the time travel adventure 'Iceman Cometh 3D'.Many fans feel that Yen delivered his best choreographic work to date in Peter Chan's masterful 'Wu Xia', released in the US as 'Dragon'. Then the wardrobe again oh, mandarin collars. We have to give each other the space and be who they are, and accept them. Thrown from horses. Besides his on-screen performance, Donnie was also called on to choreograph the dynamic duel between himself and MMA champion Cung Le. Yes, because its all what I love about all the universes. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradCurran. The film, about an amnesiac warrior returning to his home village, has become a bona fide cult classic.As director, Donnie followed 'Legend of the Wolf' with a very different venture, 'Ballistic Kiss', an urban thriller about a conflicted assassin. But then, when it came to the late 70s and early 80s, it switched over to much more masculine dominated with you know, the Jackie Chan, the Jet Lee, the Donnie Yen. The modernization. One thing I pointed out is he was a stereotype. And I remembered when Ang came to me, at that time, I was doing the press . Both Chan and Yen are still making action movies, though Chan's roles are now far less stunt-intensive due to the countless injuries he's gone through in his career. Really one of the worst times in my career, Yen says. ), Caine is looking cool and fashionable like all the other John Wick characters. The second time we spoke, Yen was energized to see Michelle Yeoh, a friend and costar of Yens for decades, win a Golden Globe forEverything Everywhere All at Once after being critically ignored for so long. Yen's portrayal of the eponymous Wing Chun grandmaster and mentor to the legendary Bruce Lee in the Ip Man moviessubsequently made him a household name to Western audiences. As you get older you feel it more and more., Another actor might have hung it up by nowor at least dialed back the physical side of things. He was electric, determined, lightning fast. Donnie also received a Best Actor nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards. And shes unrecognizable as Deirdre. And youll get new ones delivered directly to you. But shes so committed to her role. Why cant he have a normal name? His debut film immediately established him as a viable leading man, and Yen has remained a major figure in Chinese action cinema to this day.Yen skills as a street dancer were to the fore in his second starring role, 'Mismatched Couples', in which he showed off his breakdance moves, as well as his general athleticism. And its all about rhythm, precision and timing, all that things put together. Even with the Crazy Rich Asians one, we sort of diverted from the original book. And he said to me, I want to make Sense and Sensibility with martial arts. Donnie Yen appears as the film's secondary villain, Wu Chow, sent to assassinatethe Royal Familyto getChina's Imperial Seal. Yen calmly warned them to leave them alone, but the thugs opted to attack him, which ended up with Donnie thoroughly kicking their asses in the street. You can be auto-tuned. Naturally, his old pal Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) is back to lend Chon and hand and continuously mispronounces his name as "John Wayne", while Chon's sister Lin (Fann Wong) also signs up for the mission. Given that he was by now a serious practitioner of modern Wu Shu, his parents decided to send him to Beijing to train at the Chinese capital's famed Wu Shu academy.It was when Yen returned to Hong Kong en route back to Boston that he met the famed martial arts movie director Yuen Woo-ping.Donnie exploded onto the Hong Kong movie scene when he was cast in the lead role of director Yuen Woo-ping's 'Drunken Tai Chi'. Yes. He is not diminished, not yet. Right now hes editing the final cut of his new film akra, a lush adaptation of the novelDemi-Gods and Semi-Devils,by the bestselling wuxia author Jin Yong. Why do we do this? I think, for me, no. I know exactly where the camera is. I dont want to repeat the same thing that youve seen. And I think, you know, the last two years, especially with the intensity and the tragedy of the pandemic, how its affected us, its really, really highlighted how much we need this human connection. Is that correct? The film, which starred Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert, was produced by the US studio Dimension, and enjoyed a successful worldwide theatrical release.Having relocated to Los Angeles, Yen paid his dues by directing action scenes for the Dimension action thriller 'Stormbreaker' and providing the fight sequences for the German TV series 'The Puma'.Donnie agreed to both action direct and cameo in the major New Line action franchise entry 'Blade 2', starring Wesley Snipes. I got knocked back about eight feet. Picking up in 1887, Shanghai Knights sees Chan's Chon Wang, now Sheriff of Carson City, Nevada, on a mission in London to avenge his father's murder and stop a Royal assassination plot. His journey takes him on an adventure with many allies and enemies along the way until he finally meets the last man standing in his way, Chan's Lord of Armour. Because action movieswhich is what I do bestaction movies take a certain fire, a passion, and that is relative to physical ability, he says. The first Chinese UFC champion Zhang Weili states that Yen . . Yens character, an assassin called Caine, originally went by another name. Theres a lot of failure along the line. Wed broken each others staffs, so we were holding two, one in each hand. The prop staffs werent up to the task, so they were using real bamboo, solid, heavy as hell.. Jet Li Nearly Blinded Donnie Yen While Filming On Two Different Movies. And one of the things that was interesting to me is Ive never seen you in something so silly, which is, I think fantastic. Its comedy. Jackie Chan's 20-Year Quest to Share the Screen With Lifelong Friend Jet Li Finally Came to Fruition After Legal Barriers . All rights reserved. Its these floppy things. His skills behind the camera began developing from his early days in the industry, and he was very much involved with the action choreography of his films for D&B Films. As one of the few Cantonese students, the mainland was a different world. More with Michelle Yeoh after the break. But beneath the silliness is a universal story of love and belonging and family. And Ive been in that world forever. No, but I want the gift of a voice that I can because I find it so moving. Which your character was against that, was against Constances character. And to invest both his money and his one more valuable resource than moneytimein projects that he loves, likeakra. I witnessed gangsters fight on the set. John Wick: Chapter 4 is set for release on March 24. Hong Kong action superstar Donnie Yen Ji-dan is revered globally for his martial arts prowess in films such as the Ip Man series and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story . Then the wardrobe againoh, mandarin collars. Jacket, $11,000, and scarf, $690, by Dior Men. It is very easy to walk away and just turn a blind eye because then you are not involved emotionally, physically, or you know, any way. Yes, but you have, OK money in the bank. You never walk away from someone in need. But theyve never been to China. Five seconds later I said, "Wait!" Both Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen have fought many formidable villains and, from time to time, heroes in their respective action movie careers. She would drag me out of bed, whack me with a wooden stick. Because Master Yuen Woo-Ping is like my mentor, my guru. Yeah. No, no, no, no. He grew up absorbing every book, movie, TV show that he could get his eyes on. Yen is the latest Asian action star to find Hollywood fame, following the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee. I was the outsider. Theres drama. Because in 2020, Chinas film market became the worlds biggest box office. It was horrendous, says Yen. 01 March . You always put the family first. Yes, poise. So it would have been in that original thing, initially, it was like, I would have played the wife of Jackie Chan. The shot was simple: Yen had to block an incoming strike with his pole, while keeping the straight face of a badass wushu master. The film's two action highlights saw Donnie's character duel the legendary martial arts master Wong Fei-hung, played by his old friend Jet Li. Zero CGI. Yen joined Li in the sequel as the villainous Commander Lan. Is there any type of roles you havent played yet that you really want to do? So, you cannot say, well, I want to do this. In an interview with GQ, Yen, 59, shared that he spoke to John Wick: Chapter 4 director Chad Stahelski about making adjustments to Caine, a blind assassin whose first iteration allegedly employed several Asian tropes. And her husband, and father and daughter. Were comparing these legends of global cinema across four categories Box Office, Tomatometer and Audience Scores, Iconic Moments, and a special Wild Card Round to see who is the one man left standing when all the dust has settled/limbs have been snapped/henchmen have been felled. With Jackie Chan's penchant for comedy and Yen's combat versatility seen in his MMA movies, their first showdown has more of a light-hearted spin on it, with their second taking Chan outside of his usual comfort zone with bladed weaponry coming into play, too. The film received a wide US theatrical release from Miramax, and remains one of the most successful foreign language titles ever distributed in the America market.Donnie returned to Hong Kong to choreograph the smash hit fantasy-horror-comedy 'The Twins Effect', and went on to enjoy his most productive partnership with a director. And you cannot be sensible and controlled when you are approaching a character like that because Evelyn Wang, to me, is a real person. And shes not trying to be funny. And two, did it do that? I dont know how long that will last, he says. The companys first two movies,Legend of the Wolf andBallistic Kisswhich Yen cowrote, produced, directed, and starred intanked at the box office. So, I remember when I first said because I dont read Chinese. Its true. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Yen details his famous fight scene in 1992's Once Upon a Time in China II when Li cut his left brow with a large bamboo staff, causing him to get stitches. Donnie Yen sobre los personajes asiticos: "Por qu siempre se tienen que llamar Shan or Chang?" . Just likeStar Wars, youve got to do certain things. Nonetheless, Yen was inspired, and saw inakra an opportunity to do something new by the standards of wuxia films. And so, I thought, there was a lot of pressure to make sure they took you seriously. I did that . And this is like five genres of film mixed into one bagel. A certain restlessness. James Bond is James Bond. Drop my hands. But because at that time, there were no scripts that really cast us as a important enough character, you could be like a co-star or a guest star or whatever it is. I said, "Really? Then the wardrobe again oh, mandarin collars. With a passion for storytelling, his favorite media can give an idea of who he is: Vertigo, Panic Room, Jurassic Park, Lawrence of Arabia. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, thenView saved stories. This film was co-directed by Huang Jianxin and Han Sanping, and includes many famous actors such as Andy Lau, Ge You . And then it didnt. Does this open up opportunities for you, do you think? But the producer walked by me, wouldnt even talk to me. On set, Yen would devise intricate martial arts routines, only to be told to wrap it up and move on. When I first read it, I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yen could regale you with stories of his scrapes for hours. How did they get this opportunity? Six stitches again, two times, both sides close to my eyeballs. After 20 or 50 moves, he keeps missing, Yen says. It was heralded as a game-changer of how U.S. viewed the Asian film industry. Its not like a Marvel universe where you can understand and you find it relatable. I cant do stage. Born July 27, 1963 in Canton, China. The film out-performed all the previous movies featuring the character of Ip Man, smashing box office records throughout Asia. Something similar happened just recently, while makingJohn Wick: Chapter 4. Everybodys supposed to be cool and fashionable. I think action movies, he says, are a genre that everybody in the world can appreciate.. They grapple and fight dirty. Here in America, you are taught you have to be self-sufficient. I received a text message from Jackie because I was not well. A few years ago, for example, he turned down a role in theExpendables franchise. Yen's final reel duel with Sammo Hung is now regarded as a classic of the genre. The emotion, the commitment, its real. Or you have a family. She is the way she is. Oh, my god, I wish I could just flick my head back and zoom. With Chon being the kind of underdog that Chan usually embodiesin stunt-heavy action comedies such asPolice Story, Wu Chow proves to be a much stronger opponent than he's ever previously faced (despite his proclivity for jump-spinning kicks and tiger claw strikes). And I just went, when? I try to look at it less defensive than before. Why can't he look cool and fashionable?" At the end of the 50 movies, maybe the 48th, 49 moves, he strikes down with his sword. following the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee. In this conversation, Kara Swisher and Yeoh discuss the film, which Kara describes as The Matrix meets L.S.D. Why can't he have a normal name? Youre not allowed to ask questions. RELATED:Police Story: The Stunt That Almost Killed Jackie Chan. Right. Chasing the Dragon (Chinese: ; Sidney Lau: Jui 1 Lung 4), previously known as King of Drug Dealers, is a Hong Kong-Chinese action crime drama film directed by Wong Jing and Jason Kwan. Boots, $695, by Alessandro Vasini. Now, definitely. Your body knows what its doing because its just extracted this key information. My first movie was an action film, but I played the normal damsel in distress where I was a social worker and bullied by the juvenile delinquents. Youre right. Growing up, Brad developed an innate love of movies and storytelling, and was instantly enamored with the world of adventure while following the exploits of Indiana Jones, Japanese kaiju, and superheroes. This presented Yen asa relatively fresh face to Western audiences, and thus a perfect foil for the A-list presence of Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Knights. One of Hong Kong's top action stars, Yen is widely credited for bringing mixed martial arts (MMA) into the mainstream Asian cinema by choreographing MMA in many of his films since the early 2000s. After starring in blockbusters like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Disney's live-action Mulan, Yen will soon appear in John Wick 4 as Caine, an old friend of Wick's who is speculated to be an. Everything is so staged its fake, he says. . I dont want to get political. Jacket, $2,800, vest, $590, shirt (vintage), and pants, $690, by Double RL. Ten years later, the pair starred in the epic Hero when Li cuts Yen again, this time above his right eye. Donnie starred opposite screen legend Chow Yun-fat in the film, which smashed box office records in Mainland China.Showing his versatility, Yen went on to play a kung fu master facing challenges in the modern era in director Teddy Chen's 'Kung Fu Jungle'.
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