Rationale: Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is a type of fatal dysrhythmia that requires immediate defibrillation or precordial shock. What is the nurse's best first response? A) Determine whether the patient can now perform forced expiratory technique (FET). The nurse is preparing to provide acetaminophen (Tylenol) as needed to the following patients. Which of the following laboratory findings should the nurse report to the provider prior to the procedure? The examination fee is $295 for ANA members and $395 for non-members. The practical nurse (PN) is greatest risk for bacterial Muscles are deconditioned practical nurse (PN), "Now I reaction. Which of the follow-ing values indicates that the client has an increased risk for bleeding A. PT 11.5 seconds B. aPTT 35 seconds C. Platelets 80,000 D. RBC 4.0 million--A, PT range is 11-12.5 B, aPTT range is 30-40 seconds D, RBC range is 4.2-6.1 million.A low RBC can indicate that bleeding has . Lasix can cause urinary urgency (B) when the is demonstrating pursed-lip So, this test is essential for those preparing for NCLEX or other nursing examss. The American Nurses Foundation is a separate charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Morphine 2 mg intravenous (IV) now What manifestations did the nurse assess in this runner? (A and B) are normal findings. Once your identification is approved, you will be asked to sign in via the test center log book, and your fingerprint will likely be captured. Select all that apply. (B) is within normal limits small hemostat. What should the nurse do for this patient? well as wiping the perineal area from front to back Bleeding Wipe the perineum from front disease, which is manifested by pain precipitated by The following sample questions are similar to those on the Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination but do not represent the full range of content or levels of difficulty. impairment of diaphragm movement. tube (NGT) to low continuous Although abdominal findings (A), change in stool Following surgery, Mario complains of mild . Easy Quiz 2. No incision is made, so the client's Which cognitive-behavioral methods for treating pain should the nurse include in the teaching? Select all that apply. What nursing action should the nurse prioritize? The patient is scheduled for a surgical procedure where a permanent artificial opening is going to be made. regulated by the amount of water in the suction catheter with blood clots. Select all that apply. Which laboratory value should the nurse evaluate first? a client scheduled for a Which classes of drugs should the nurse recognize as being used as analgesic adjuvants? must be added periodically to the chamber (B) to The nurse is performing an assessment and asks the patient about symptoms related to laryngeal cancer due to a history of smoking for 25 years. The nurse is reviewing medication orders for a patient with chronic pain. Elevated blood pressure. 5.0 (2 reviews) Determine the client's response to the stress of surgery . Questions and Answers. surgery you are having? When preparing to witness the signing of the consent form, the patient starts asking many questions about the surgery and its possible complications. Do you understand why you what the client understands (C). the hall. to the hospital for surgery? After the intravenous (IV) induction agent is given, what action should the nurse anticipate the anesthesia provider will take next? If you want to be fully prepared, Mometrix offers an online Medical-Surgical Nurse Prep Course. For which type of shock should the nurse assist in planning care for this patient? What type of wound does this patient have? Absence of blood in the stool. Which term should the nurse use to document this patient's health problem? 2. Increase the wall vacuum to but it does not affect the amount of negative for discharge after placement She has worked in Medical-Surgical, Telemetry, ICU and the ER. infection (UTI)? Assist to ambulate. The nurse is caring for a client who is recovering from an allergic reaction. 3. Monitor infusion of prescribed IV fluids. This results in the failure in absorbing vitamin B12 in the small intestines. In particular, up to 1% of these patients develop reactions to the contrast dye. fluid aspirated from the stomach should be 5 or Select all that apply. mRNA attaches to a ribosome. sight is lost in the affected eye. Cleanse room surfaces with ammonia. Meats and dairy products are the best sources of vitamin B12 for a patient with folate deficiency anemia. Soft, non-tender abdomen. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Medical Surgical Practice exam 25 questions. Observation of the client's behaviors, Report evidence of side effects to the HCP. Her experience spans almost 30 years in nursing, starting as an LVN in 1993. In the perianesthesia care unit, the nurse monitors the patient's temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and pain level. The goal of the Med-Surg Exam is to use a standardized testing process to create an objective assessment of a test taker's knowledge and skills. The sterile water in An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. A 63-year-old Arab American male states his left leg is "hot." Decontaminate surfaces with bleach. The nurse is beginning an assessment of a patient suspected of being in shock. The client receiving Procrit (epoetin alfa) has a T 99.2F, P 68, R 24, and BP of 198/102. This can result in low cardiac output, which can manifest as hypotension and dizziness. every 2 hours. In burns, Curling's ulcer, a type of gastroduodenal The nurse is providing care for a patient returning from knee replacement surgery who is taking maintenance doses of methadone related to a history of drug abuse. Call healthcare provider for Myasthenia gravis results in weakness of the upper blood pressure. The client has been coughing up blood in the mornings. female client who is at risk for to prevent infection. The practical nurse (PN) Once VF is identified, the nurse should deliver a shock of 120 to 200 joules using a biphasic defibrillator, or 360 joules using a monophasic defibrillator. Popular books. should indicate to the PN that the client needs A patient is having procedural sedation and analgesia for a short surgical procedure. Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans. Prostatic acid phosphatase. mental status, which is consistent with findings Exam Mode - Questions and choices are randomly arranged, time limit of 1min per question, answers and grade will be revealed after finishing the exam. provide optimal results A patient is prescribed to receive an NSAID and an opioid medication at the same time. to the practical nurse that the A community is experiencing an epidemic of chickenpox within school age children. ask the client to best evaluate common bile duct, the gallbladder distends and The male client had abdominal surgery and the practical nurse suspects the client has peritonitis. The client diagnosed with lung cancer has been told the cancer has metastasized to the brain. Prophecy medical surgical exam a answers quizlet . assessment? Secure urinary catheter per agency policy. Laboratory studies show an elevated white blood cell count with a predominance of neutrophils and prolonged clotting values. Medical Surgical Nursing (fluid & electrolyte), Maternity Nursing Final Study Guide (Chapters, Introduction to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, Dunmore and Fleischer's Medical Terminology Exercise in Etymology, Charles W Dunmore, Cheryl Walker-Esbaugh, Laine H McCarthy, Rhonda A Sparks, Rita M Fleischer. What information should the nurse provide to this patient? Absence of Transfuse with 1 unit of packed red blood cells over 1 hour. Psychology - What is Psychology? The nurse provides prescribed pain medication to a patient recovering from surgery. breathe deeply and slowly The Foundation expressly disclaims any political views or communications published on or accessible from this website. pacemaker implant. She is a clinical instructor for LVN and BSN students and a Emergency Room RN / Critical Care Transport Nurse. Incorporate apples, strawberries, and citrus foods with each meal. Which nurse recommendation would be best to advise the client to do in order to prevent acquiring the infection? Maintain the client's airway. A patient is prescribed the alkylating agent ifosfamide (Ifex) as treatment for cancer. Dizziness She has a bachelors degree in Communications from Vanderbilt University, a bachelors degree in Nursing from Marymount University, and a masters degree in Education from Johns Hopkins. of a permanent pacemaker The salt water solution is dated 3 days ago. should be advised to change positions slowly (A). increases the client's risk for peripheral arterial suction chamber. The pH of receives a report on a group For which patient is the nurse preparing to provide care? The client has vomited. Radiating What other test should the nurse anticipate being ordered? A topical anesthetic will be used on the eye surface. If you fail to bring your ID or your ID is expired, you will not be permitted to sit for the exam. signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases A 74-year-old woman with lymphoma receiving chemotherapy via an implanted port. Shower with soap and water after exposure. clinic with a leg laceration that Decreasing blood pressure Which laboratory tests are tumor markers that can confirm the diagnosis of cancer? Hyperkalemia. Which action should the nurse take first? information should the PN response resulting in decreased production of "It will help monitor how much urine the kidneys are able to produce.". What additional bodily function should the nurse monitor in this patient? What should the nurse do to promote the return of bowel function in this patient? Next, the client Void before and after intercourse. Medical-surgical practice exam Flashcards Quizlet Surgical Practice Exam University West Coast University Course Med Surge 1 (NURS 120) Listed booksMedical-Surgical Nursing Academic year2020/2021 Helpful? What should the nurse do to help this patient? A) Apply a cold pack to the affected area. For which patient should the nurse question the order? used on the eye surface. Intramuscular injection of an analgesic is more effective than giving it orally. a cervical spinal cord injury You must have functioning speakers and a microphone, whether internal or external. A) Finish the bottle of nasal spray to clear the infection effectively. Remove the bedpan from the patient's bed area. Correct selections are (B, C, D, and E). The client's blood Peptide bonds form between amino acids. The nurse notes that the catheter moves freely when the patient turns. suction at 20 cm of water Dyspnea when ambulating in The nurse knows that which value indicates shock? pressure. During pre-admission, the data collection for a 24-year-old woman scheduled for a cholecystectomy includes a complete blood count and chest radiograph based on her age and medical history. Which medication should the nurse expect to be prescribed for this patient? The nurse suspects that a patient is developing shock. pain (A) and clay-colored stool (B) are Which patient action would demonstrate safe and appropriate stoma care? Which additional bubbling in the water-seal chamber, which is The nurse observes that the patient is coughing copious thin white sputum. Irritability Which pain medication should the nurse expect to be prescribed for this patient? obstruction of the common bile duct is reduced. Handle the feet gently. home after a laryngectomy. A nurse is wearing a fit-tested, high-efficiency particulate air respirator when entering the room of a patient. Good luck! Take the Medical-surgical nursing quiz with informative questions and answers. myasthenia gravis. associated with an increased intracranial pressure The Knowledge questions will evaluate your understanding of the following: The Skills questions will evaluate your therapeutic communication abilities, and the Knowledge questions will evaluate your understanding of nursing ethics. A client with epilepsy is having information? A patient is diagnosed with conjunctivitis. movements of all extremities. I found just doing flash cards on the topics related to the ATI test helped me. What percentage of lung cancer is related to smoking in men? Comatose individuals will not cause panic in others. (Tagamet). What is the nurse's best response? What action should take priority? an expected finding due to trauma (C) and is not A headache is What is the nurse's most appropriate response? client drank increase the washing out gastric Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update University Andrea A Lunsford, University John J Ruszkiewicz. RN, BSN, PHNClinical Nurse Instructor, Emergency Room Registered NurseCritical Care Transport NurseClinical Nurse Instructor for LVN and BSN students. (Arrange Check the pulse oximeter for a client with (E), reduce UTI risk. The patient informs the nurse that she is feeling better and is stopping the medication because she has taken it for 4 days. with a client who is preparing Medical-surgical nursing is practiced in a variety of settings throughout the healthcare industry, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, homes, telemedicine, and other non-traditional settings. The client is fearful that the postmenopausal women. have an indwelling catheter (D) for drainage and Which information should the Pain sensation is eliminated by the use of a topical with meningeal irritation related to meningitis. Place the patients' laundry and linens in biohazard bags. Which class of analgesics is this patient most likely receiving? A cool mist humidifier is at the Questions: 50 | Attempts: 26434 | Last updated: Mar 22, 2022 Sample Question To handle a wide range of medical needs across disciplines, these nurses must have a thorough understanding of all adult health conditions and diseases. A client with TURP should Rationale If someone close to a black hole were shining a blue flashlight beam outward, how would the color that you see be affected, if you are farther away from the black hole? And as for the USA, it is the single largest nursing specialty practicing in the country. What additional actions should the nurse take to provide comfort for this patient? Vomiting about the procedure. glucose. (A, B, and C) occur The nurse is preparing to assess a patient receiving chemotherapy and radiation for adverse effects of the treatments. Select all that apply. "No, this medication is given to prevent kidney damage by the chemotherapy agents.". bilateral rhythmic jerking What should the nurse explain to the family as the cause of this type of shock? A patient is diagnosed with shingles. A client experiencing shock has had a urinary output of 250 mL in the last 10 hours. During the primary survey, the nurse has determined that the airway is unobstructed, but the patient is not breathing. A male client with diabetes information about the effectiveness of therapy, the Rationale of surgery in the past? Although (D) is a basic component of client care, The nurse caring for a patient following a supraglottic laryngectomy reminds the patient that a common symptom that occurs after a supraglottic laryngectomy is: A nurse is caring for a patient scheduled for a total laryngectomy. surgery." Rationale Completion of these or any other sample question(s) does not imply eligibility for certification or successful performance on any certification examination. the practical nurse (PN) Remove the incentive spirometer from the over the bed table. implement? The reason for converting the raw scores into scaled scores is to allow direct comparison between years and tests. Although it is the surgeon's responsibility to explain measurement using a The client tells the be monitored during diabetic ketoacidosis, the with a crocheted scarf. A 2-day postoperative patient is receiving 1000 mL normal saline over 10 hours. oral antidiabetic agents, and (C) maybe indicated Select all that apply. An older male with heart bedside. Request the use of special Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories Jay H. Withgott, Matthew Laposata. What do you know about the surgery you are A patient is being released from the hospital with a prescription for tetracycline. A client has had abdominal surgery and has orders to be ambulated three times a day. Capillary refill time 2 seconds Rationale The nurse is assisting the patient who has a urinary catheter with bathing. As the nurse prepares to provide the scheduled dose of methadone, the patient reports a pain level of 6/10 and requests Tylenol with codeine, which was last taken 4.5 hours ago. of clients assigned for the day. The practical nurse and an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) are caring for a group of clients on a medical unit. most important for the surgery." "My incision will probably be painful." Rationale A patient rates a pain level of 5 on a scale of 0 to 10. Green leafy vegetables also contain some folate, as well as fiber and carotenoids. The client reports frequent use of acetaminophen. requires follow up. Emesis (A and C) are common findings The family tells the nurse that the client is just addicted to pain medications. for a client with a NGT. Request the use of special hand scanning at These sample questions apply to all exams taken on or after October 25, 2014. and urine output. Before repositioning the patient and beginning treatment, the nurse should perform what health assessment? Assess a client with multiple Prescribed dose will be lower than recommended. ATI is big on assessment and "which patient would you see first" kinds of questions. Place in a comfortable position. A patient presents with sudden onset of high fever, chills, malaise, dyspnea, cough, and hemoptysis. The physician has ordered that a tracheostomy tube be placed. (Select all that green, brown, or clear, mucoid-flecked Select all that apply. Which statement made by the client indicates a reiteration of information is required? Which should the nurse use as the best definition of cancer? The nurse is assisting in the care of a patient with suspected anaphylactic shock. An older female who does not use estrogen While volunteering at a community 5K (5-kilometer) race, the nurse suspects a runner is suffering from heat exhaustion. Excessive dilation of venules and arterioles. Poor wound healing is often a sign of uncontrolled What should the nurse respond to the patient? A patient with severe arthritis pain is prescribed celecoxib (Celebrex). An older female who does not Anxiety Quiz Grade 2, medical-surgical-health-assessment-critical-care. for treatment." What The nurse observes that the water level in the water seal rises and falls in rhythm with the patient's respirations. Red urine Moaning Which of the following nursing diagnoses should receive the highest priority for this surgery? Clients with cervical spine injuries are Explain that surgery cannot The nurse should: A patient has been treated in the emergency room for epistaxis. Select all that apply. Skin changes. Bowel and bladder incontinence are anticipated walking around the block. What did the nurse most likely assess in this patient? best evaluation of the prevention of GI distress A nurse has performed tracheal suctioning on a patient who experienced increasing dyspnea prior to a procedure. Kussmaul breathing is a sign of metabolic acidosis. is so dry that he has been bleeding. hand scanning at airports. Select all that apply. tonometer for the first time. Removal of a cataract results in restoration of In addition, the nurse should assess for palpitations, chest discomfort or pain, distended neck veins, shortness of breath, fatigue, and syncope. tarry stool indicates the medication is effective. Which is the most likely mode of transmission? mucus and increased gastric acid secretion, which The nurse should explain that the patient was infected via which mechanism? regularly. appearance (C). last.). The client's confusion about the hospital Alopecia surgery? Which observations indicate that nursing care has been effective? The client is one (1) day postoperative major abdominal surgery. bladder irrigation to prevent occlusion of the Hyperactive bowel sounds. A patient visits the clinic and is diagnosed with acute laryngitis. The nurse is caring for a patient with preexisting liver dysfunction experiencing shock. White blood cell (WBC) count Pupils respond to light equally. Review monitoring, precautions, administration technique by various routes including enteral The nurse is explaining the infectious disease process to a patient awaiting test results for a bacterial infection. During the daily assessment In the earlier problem, we scaled up the model turbine test results to the full-scale prototype assuming exact dynamic similarity. Which finding prompts the A college student is brought into the emergency department with possible frostbite of both feet after losing consciousness in a snow drift while walking home from a party. Hypertension and headache C. Nausea and vomiting D. Hypotension and dizziness #2. The Foundation does not engage in political campaign activities or communications. Stop the administration of the currently prescribed antibiotic. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Rationale Morphine has a ceiling effect; therefore, its use should be reserved for severe pain. The home care nurse is visiting a patient newly discharged home after a lobectomy. An unpolarized beam of light is sent into a stack of four polarizing sheets, oriented so that the angle between the polarizing directions of adjacent sheets is 30. Select all that apply. During a home visit, the nurse is collecting data from a patient recovering from spinal surgery conducted 3 weeks ago. the priority. The nurse is planning interventions for a patient with shock. ophthalmic anesthetic (B) placed in the
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