The doll has a fragmented face. :(. The video footage of the game shows lights in and out of a strange hallway or room, with distant sometimes extremely disturbing sounds fading in and out in the background. "There've probably . Master Age: 47 , mho 52%. Her death was deemed an accidental drowning as there were no signs of foul play or suicide. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Think executions, suicides, tortures, mutilation and horrific accidents. Almost all of us, that is except for bug chasers. Some people say Webdriver Torso is a spy signal set to . Hostage Soup Video. That and one man one jar. This is a way of treating the disease in lessdeveloped countries. While the incident made national headlines, those responsible were never caught. The sites downfall was the notable cannibal case in 2002. Lets hope this video is fake, and nothing ever surfaces from it. - One late evening on November 22, 1987, two television stations in the Chicago area became the victim of what people in the television business call a signal intrusion. Simply put, someone had hacked the airwaves and they were broadcast into millions of homes. Yep, people rate other peoples feces for fun. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. This was set up so he wouldnt be able to scratch himself or causeother bodily harm to himself. 2. With everything from seemingly innocuous security camera feeds to footage of childrens bedrooms, things can get real dark, real quick on Opentopia. This strange behavior is just the start. Alerts. Buy a set of the Chicago Rippers mugshots perfect decor for your downstairs cloakroom or treat yourself to a Charles Manson signature perfect decor for absolutely no room in your house, tbh. The man's sobbing and the gentle patting of the mascot will leave you wondering, Why was the guy so afraid of? and What happened when the camera shut off?. Though this isnt a game. Shock Factor - 10/10 (High impact sexual violence, graphic nudity and blood and gore, boderline pornographic) NOT for the faint of heart. A tampon worn for 5 minutes will cost you up to 18 Euros while one worn for 12 hours will set you back almost 250 Euros. Also, it's been reported that player's computers have been hacked, with files appearing with undecipherable text and 666 repeated throughout. One claims the meat in the soup is actually human remains, which the man is being forced to eat. Press J to jump to the feed. In the myth, Pygmalion creates an ideal woman from ivory and falls in love with her. This list also contains SPOILERS for some of these shows, so proceed with caution! Interested? Other people believe its a complex puzzle by a genius, like the ones released by Cicada 3301. Elisa Lam Elevator Footage- This strange CCTV footage from the elevator at The Cecil Hotel, shows Canadian student Elisa Lam the day before she would die. There is little law in the way of the deep web, which is why it is dangerous to surf it. While traces of prescription medication and a small amount of alcohol were found in Lam's body, the toxicology report found no suspicious substances that may have contributed to her death. Really, not much happens in the video beside the repeated phrase and the robotic movement of Taras arms and head. Yet viewers still believe there may have been something in the clips that investigators missed. - This video has been circulating around the deep web and is either an insane art project or the moments before this mans death. The man is eating a bowl of soup, when a strange figure walks in wearing a disturbing mask, and gloves. Most were decoded by users following the video via a Reddit thread. Maura Murray's family dismissed the videos as cruel and hideous. After investigators watched the videos, they said there was nothing in them that could be used as evidence. The videos also make references to two other missing persons cases: Molly Bish, 16, whose body was found in rural Massachusetts, and Patric McCarthy, 10, who vanished in 2003 from the White Mountains of New Hampshire and was found dead five years later. Max Headroom TV Hijack- One late evening on November 22, 1987, two television stations in the Chicago area became the victim of what people in the television business call a signal intrusion. Simply put, someone had hacked the airwaves and they were broadcast into millions of homes. Their website is still active, complete with details of how to find the Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human. Webdriver Torso is an unknown user on YouTube that uploads a video every few minutes. The video features another doll (told you dolls were creepy). While many use the typical Internet for many things, a lot of other people use the dark web to fuel their morbid practices. By continuing to browse, you accept the use of cookies and other technologies. These sites arent hidden away on the deep web, the dark web or behind any kind of mysterious encrypted network. The Area 51 Employee Phone Call- Art Bell runs a radio program called Coast to Coast AM, which deals in the paranormal and unexplained. But picture it in your mind now, and youll never see Sonic chasing a ring in the same way ever again. Ever wanted to collect something but didnt know where to start? Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. This one looks to be fake, as if a placeholder was used for the woman. According to Persi, the characters, called RayRay, move exactly like Persis characters are meant to, meaning the people wearing the outfits must have studied Persis performances meticulously. The video in this link was edited down from 22 hours of video that police found in the apartment of Ricardo Lopez. The video is set up like acommercial from the 70s for a laughing doll, only the doll is laughing a little too much During the commercial, the kids can be seen whipping their head around as if theyd seen a ghost behind them. Possible support for this claim is the description included in the initial post, which makes a subtle nod to the Greek story of Pygmalionan ancient sculptor from Cyprus who thought all women were unworthy of love. - There are entire channels created to providing the viewer with nothing but full creep out and cringe. Don't watch it, it just stains your soul. Right as the train hits her, you can see her attempt to step back, but sadly its too late. The real squirming starts at 3:37 when he starts kissing his grandmother on the lips. lets hope so. The final videotape, still in the camera and labeled "The Last Day," had been rolling when Lopez had shot and killed himself with a .38 revolver.. This video has a simple, but terrifying plot. There remains no apparent reason why the hackers infiltrated those two channels. As of 2016, Webdriver Torso has 490,000 video uploads. The man is being treated the best he can be while his family saves up for proper medical attention. The Hand Thing- There are entire channels created to providing the viewer with nothing but full creep out and cringe. In the interruptions, the hacker rambled, replicating Headrooms endorsement of New Coke, the series Clutch Cargo, and WGN anchor Chuck Swirsky, pretended to defecate as a masterpiece for all the greatest world newspaper nerds, and concluded with the hackers behind exposed and spanked by a masked accomplice with a flyswatter. It is often theorized that she had some form of medical training, because there is no way that someone that was untrained could inflict that amount of damage without dying. Since this discovery, many of the other audio clips and references in the game have been linked to child abuse. Its the place where terrorist videos can be seen, graphic videos of corpses being dismembered can be shared and users can comment on the content. Watch on. Cluster headache attack - the warning at the beginning is very helpful, really clarifies to you that the video can be very hard to watch to some people. . He tries to tell Art that the government knows about interdimensional beings when all of the sudden the radio show suddenly goes black. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture. The real squirming starts at 3:37 when he starts kissing his grandmother on the lips. Which only really adds to the truly unsettling vibe. woman killed by brick through windshield - actually, I don't think this one is really disturbing, but I saw this in a lot of threads in askreddit about the scariest videos on youtube/on the . talk about no f's given! Were talking plantain hilariously captioned with condom, a FROZEN pigs tail and a kangaroo tumour. The video was first sent to Raymond Persi. The video ends shortly after this, and there was no context further than what was shown. Webdriver Torso- This is a unique one on the list, because its not just a single video, its the entire channel. If youve heard of any of the videos on this list, its most likely Elisa Lam. Anyone familiar with Orange is the New Black will remember the used panty selling storyline. Youll also be given the date the number 2 was dropped off at the pool, so you can browse the freshest evacuations. This is certainly the most satisfying video I PERSONALLY have seen.I do hope everybody enjoyed it and would maybe consider liking it? The person carries around an irregularly blinking light which they occasionally hold up to the camera. I will stop here to preserve the pure mind of the readers, but lets just say the video takes a darker turn. But then theres Skyway Bridge. A cult movement within the gay community, men offer to go bareback in the bedroom in order to contract HIV. About 10 years ago i saw a video of a young eastern European girl throwing puppies into a river. Where the clip gets freaky are two brief moments nestled between Taras performance. There are two videos in particular that come up when you search the deep web for train accidents. Read on to find out just whats lurking online that could take you beyond your limits and possibly get you put on a register. His crimes span almost 30 years and began when he was just 15. In other . It's not about the money, you can have it just be a good boy and don't hurt me." OkayCOMMAneat. Governments and private organizations may engage in censorship. So here are some of the scariest videos the Internet has to offer. - In this chilling video, we see a white faced animatronic singing, I feel fantastic over and over again. Pay a visit to the site and you too can pass judgement on any number of deposits. Where I am f. Lovingly sketched artwork depicted how Sonic and his human lovers might procreate and not surprisingly they are all deemed unsuitable for viewing here. (Click with caution). It shows what appears to be a restaurant. However, it started as a video uploaded on the deep web. It said she had no water left, and food for two more days. Please support TheClever so we can continue providing you with great content! Embedded within the video are several common ciphers and encryption systemssome lead to images of tortured and mutilated people. As he frantically eats a bobble-headed mascot comes in through the door and begins to pet his head and shoulders. Thats why theyre on the deep web. I've seen people running while burning Alive after a train crash in a station it was crazy and you could feel their panick. Regardless of the real reason behind the videos making, we know one thing for certain: It makes our skin crawl Want more creepy videos? The user's name, a seeming reference to the New Hampshire roadway where the car was discovered, added fuel to the theory. TV series about serial killers are bound to be disturbing. For some reason, there is also a very creepy shot what appears to be a backyard, just zooming in and out of a pile of dirt. Tom Six 's The Human Centipede, released in 2009, had a raucous . Perhaps it was to make a statement or maybe to simply be obnoxious and intrusive. The men reveal a wood chipper. There are also distorted audio clips from what appears to be satanic recording that will trigger when you walk into certain rooms or look in a certain direction. It was on the YNC I believe, a video taken by a nurse of a teenage girl who had injected something into her arms I have no idea what it was, but it was something extremely corrosive (maybe petrol or bleach, or some kind of acid). Perhaps she didnt live up to Bergerons expectations of an ideal woman, so he murdered her. However, the man paying her had more sinister ideas in p. Its a series of real-life videos that get more and more graphic, gruesome and disturbing as you work your way through the list. The patient screams, runs around the room, moves the bed violently and then at the end, appears to levitate. All the incidents and accompanying x-rays have been submitted by medical professionals. We devote our program to one of the most scathing and insightful indictments of the modern-day corporate media, particularly their subservience to power centers and how they eagerly spread disinformation campaigns in service to that power. Truly, WTF? New Line Cinema.
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