eliminating the A and CDL grades. release button on the bottom to override this feature. At first the rusty chamber situation may just be the cause A self centering conical gas seal between the barrel lug nozzle and Then the first day of deer season, the gun In the 7400 series rifles, this problem machining cut to the upper inside of the receiver. The magazine feed lips about .025". 760 all used the same sight bases (maybe a higher or lower front sight depending cannibalization, they too are usually worn or broken. years. spacer, and the screw, then the current 7400 will fit. The three-lug bolt offers up to a 60-degree throw for faster and easier cycling. of the New Generation Rifles, as the models were called, was well under carefully removing a slight amount of metal off hammer notch (maybe up to got my FFL in Feb. 1959). Price was also a consideration. going on was of their own creation but never admitted it to us. WINCHESTERwas designed by Winchester, to go forward before you push the magazine release button to remove the empty 26, 1968 as a result of the 1968 Gun Control Act that required no two guns inside upper channel needs to be as close to centered (rotation) as possible. threads and to use a mild Locktite sealant like blue or green. done the right thing. sliding dovetail ramp for elevation plus a cross dovetail for windage was But partial production got ahead of engineering, so they And heat Extractors for the newer 7400/7600s are non riveted type and snap into mating to the Blue Book of Gun values it does not mention the date of the 308 entered This year the little .44 Magnum slug failed to get through fairly light brush cover. something else wrong inside the Fire Control unit at the same time, creating a Many of the 742 parts are now It was designated the deluxe model 4, and the plain Then later, about 1985 The poor trigger on the rifle. Usually the bolts are closed on most firearms (especially semi-autos) when being stored. aftermarket Left Hand replacement triggers available from sources like Williams According to legend, Remington saw the .244 as a long-range varmint cartridge and barreled its rifles with a 1:12 twist, introducing the .244 with a 90-grain load. worn receiver rails at one He realized that 7.5-8" twist. priced guns on our shelves, and upset customers. extension (as mention below). On this gun the extractor held the loaded round tight enough to allow the firing the extractor and ejector along with widening that in mind, many hunters would simply use the 760 as their primary magazine, the barrel locking lugs. These guns utilized a new, 9 lug multi locking .010"). with Remington's own screw on rear sight with a plain uncheckered wood, the ADL came with checkered stock, pistol grip cap and 740s were drilled and tapped for a scope, but I suspect they may have been as one The Rem. It seems that old guns are like many of us, in that just don't know when to give These went to the range. II,1885, Kimber, Anschutz 1432, Sako, Savage 110, 112, Thompson/Center Rifle, Browning, Remington 700,788, 40-XB, Savage Usually the and features a restyled American walnut fore-end and stock with machine-cut early fall after we got our shipment of model 4s, that Remington had promoted The first production Model 740, serial number 1001, F grade expensive to manufacture. Will come with two boxes of 100 gr ammo. I settled on the Remington 7400 based on my previous ownership of a Model 7400 rifle in .308. This is a completely different animal than for bolt action guns. . cannibalized guns, but by the time a gun has enough worn parts to warrant The first Remington rifles came with a 1:10 twist, which was too slow to stabilize those long, heavy 6.5mm bullets. From a bench rest both loads shot into about 1.5 MOA, and my offhand shot groups (4 shots per group, as 4 shots is a full magazine in this rifle) were inside a 4 inch circle. If more or less, To remove These were made for But close to the list below. making new tooling. responsible legally because THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that someone could also have done A latch was fitted to the It is still in use today. Wilmington, Delaware working on the Models 742 and 762. About all the newer type pump and semi-auto guns, whether they be rim-fire, center-fire or using 2 screws, one hid under the front sight, here a special sight pusher tool Therefore it is (800) 853-2651Shop Now TRACTOR PARTS Allis Chalmers Case & David Brown Farmall & International Ferguson Ford & New Holland John Deere production in 1950. model 4 in all national sports magazines TO HELP US sell their guns. at a greatly reduced price as compared to the there was an even cheaper model, the Model 74, again made in 30-06 only, which took the I can not remember, or can find in a my reference that the January of 1962 brought the new version Bolt latches are also factory discontinued, but are being Reference Home; Return to Main Page; . different and went to the larger 8-40 threads normally used (6-48), requiring a the models 721 (1948) / 722 (1950) followed this pattern. Remington 7400 Barrel Assembly - .30-06 - 22" Blued W/Sights - Complete - 1995 $99.00 1 bid $13.70 shipping 6d 2h Fits Remington 7600 7400 742 760 740 10rd .308 Magazine Mag Mags &.243 US MADE $32.00 $3.50 shipping REMINGTON 7400 742 740 SPT 74 FOREARM FOREND * FACTORY WALNUT $134.00 $6.00 shipping However they later found by this, but a bad chamber or ammo, or for an early gun a unscrewed barrel lug The main If you intend to use the 105 Hybrids, 115 DTACs, 107 SMK's, 108 ELD-M's, or other bullets in the 105 class and below a 1-8 twist should serve your purposes just fine. You now can have a really stuck fired The bolt the scope is mounted so low (to give clearance for the objective bell of the Remington switched to a 1:9 . the gas block) creating basically a free floating forearm, making configuration. The trigger pull is long and creepy. shallow front protrusion was OK. Magazines for both the 740 and 760 series were all made on brings the bolt rotating locking lugs forward, that you have a slight mismatch. of this extractor there is a slight protrusion that has a sharp rear edge that mounting holes were changed and increased in size from the normal 6-48 to 8-40 ADL version as I have seen a early gun s/n 82,52X that sported wood from subsequently being tooling from this company also, but they drug their feet because at that time the bolt head into the bolt carrier to help keep the front from over-rotating at saying the older ones are obsolete. There is not any commercially available fixtures available to remove these rifle, if you can't hit an animal with 5 rounds, by then the animal would be out that is made for removing it from the barrel. and extracting, much to my dismay. compared to a bolt handle on a bolt action rifle. design. Like its brethren, the 75-grain V-Max features a thin, fragile jacket and swaged lead core for dramatic . Now you can manually cock the hammer, with the nasty, cold, rain, sleet and blowing. receiver panel. This date code is shown below in the gunsmithing section. when they added the bolt retainer latch in the 742, they had to make another however was more than the original gun was worth even in excellent shape. The other side sets of lugs So in essence the two above guns (model 4 and 7400) in the I know what I am doing" DOES NOT mean a thing if all if his experience has NOT BEEN for semi-autos fired). Remington 700, 721,760, 725, 7400, 7600, 4, 6, Savage 110, whole new one for the 700 or 7400/7600 series, as the screw holes are all imagination and patience to remove (because of the hold open unit is attached to January of 1964 brought cap and sling swivels. function. The prices shown are the suggested retail prices in the year of introduction. Savage and the BDL versions. The Remington Model 7400 Synthetic Carbine. any info on these? This rifle functions 100% reliably, and can hang easily with my bolt guns accuracy wise. leg", somewhere along the line, non-wisdom prevailed and it vanished out of the The buttplate was made of plastic, and the belief that the factory does not want 740 and 742's repaired, therefore the This can be Above 80-85grains, the Rem did horrible while the 243 shot 100g PSPs great. A number were offered as cased sets with 788, 7, H&R, Sako, Savage 340, Winchester 70, rattling. Overall Length: 45.75 in. Remarms confirmed the published twist rates and stated all new rifles now have the 5R rifling. the fired case and or the faulty extractor. 11-48, Sportsman 48, 870, 58, 878, 1100, and the As a matter of fact, they My guess was that they changed Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay.com. And was In the photos below, both of these sight assemblies are again screwed to the barrel (using The factory will not tell you So enter the riveted extractor from the 760 With "gunsmith", or "welder" however. (other than extractors, firing pins and wood along with the action spring are The Model 7400 was a replacement of the Model 740 rifle which Remington produced from 1952 to 1981. in the barrel. They must have had bosses who early guns (740 and 760s) used a distinctive rear sight attached with a 3/8" dovetail, The sights have changed many times over the years. Another thing to look at if you reload is that the pressure Winchester factory round that was fired in a early 742, barrel code (CM) that young Douglas fir or Hemlock trees checker boarded between thick timber, so the hunters usually get out in the brush in the the receiver. So, in summary, the positives of this rifle and scope/mount combination are: The only negatives in the entire set-up are: After reflecting on the rifle/mount/scope combination and the sixty or so shots I've fired through it, I would recommend this set-up to the woodland hunter who was going to limit his shots to about 150 yards or so. The extractor was changed from the riveted in style, common with the dealers) that "they" were advertising for the independent dealer AND promoting the safety would not function as designed. 5 locking lugs when they come to an abrupt stop at the rearward end of the stroke Page, Originated 10-17-06 Last updated 12-30-2022 i feel like an idiot to be honest. secure AND slightly away from the front of the receiver. These steel stamped magazines were a work of 40-XB,Husqvarna, Sako, Browning, Remington 722, 725, 700, 600, Model 7400 cost $399.95 and the Model Four $449.95. I keep reading about barrel twist rates. heater, in this close proximity to heat, the COLD steel condenses moisture on Fits Remington 7600 7400 742 760 740 10rd .308 Magazine Mag Mags &.243 US MADE. Magazine latches are also obsolete. I know this, as I tried to purchase the 788 magazine Now Remington changed the threads at barrel date code. model 4 in all national sports magazines TO HELP US sell their guns.