Neither of the four know who Doctor Zone is, as it turns out Derek is terrible at running TV shows, revealing Doctor Zone was cancelled after only two episodes (which also explains why Zack and Melissa could't recognize the character, as the time stream changed due to Derek's messing). In "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", Derek leads his Pistachion army in overtaking the human race, having created a machine that could convert humans into Pistachions. Despite the distraction, however, King Pistachion claims he knows when Dakota, Cavendish and Milo are headed to, aiming to get there before them. An animated comedy adventure series that follows 13-year-old Milo Murphy, the fictional great-great-great-great grandson of the Murphy's Law namesake. Behind the Scenes/Appearances Trashcandroids | It was ultimately Diogee that erased the Pistachions from future history. It crawled toward the pistachio seedling that Cavendish stepped on and healed it. 'The Doctor Zone Files' is an amalgam of three popular science fiction television shows: Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone, and The X-Files. The Pistachions resemble giant, humanoid pistachio plants, with their faces most closely resembling the pistachio nut itself. Shape Shifter | The seven characters eventually meet a dead end, with the Pistachions closing in and no way to escape. Dr. Killbot | Pondering for weird ideas with a notepad, Orton walks out of the studio, when Milo, Cavendish and Dakota arrive. Brobots | Spider-Monkey | As for his friends, they prove their worth by sticking with him regardless of what that exposes them to, so there are lots of good messages there". At Balsawood Studios in 1965, the staff is currently recording the scene Milo found himself in earlier. At that point, the false Orton removes the present box from his hand, in which he holds a laser gun and points it at Milo, Dakota and Cavendish. In this data room, Sara noticed the peculiarly-dressed Cavendish and Dakota popping up on the pictures every now and then, noticing the two have a remarkable resemblance to the Doctor Zone main characters, Doctor Zone and Time Ape, respectively. They barricade the door as Pistachions follow them. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. He demands an explanation from Dakota, who reveals that Cavendish had died a few hundred times, so Dakota used time travel to prevent all those deaths; this creates a Dakota paradox, which has to go elsewhere, since there can only be one Dakota. Parents: While they can wear these disguises as long as they need, a Pistachion will eventually grow into the shape of its mask if worn for too long. Mutant Monsters, Superhuman strengthSuperhuman durabilityPollenVines generationVocal changingRooth growthConversion (with M.U.L.C.H machine), Notable individuals:King Pistachion(leader)Derek(son)Jerry(son)Brandy (daughter)DennisGiant Pistachion, Exterminate the Earth's population of humans with Pistachions. His plans were foiled when Professor Time and Orton Mahlson went back in time to destroy him, finally erasingPistachions from the timeline. Arriving at Milo's home, they notice that Sara already decided to watch the lost Doctor Zone pilot without Milo. The Time Travel-Inator arrives at 1965, at the Wyatt Burp soda factory around the Balsawood Studios corner, around the same time Dakota, Cavendish and Milo from earlier were trying to escape Derek, a day later than Cavendish has hoping to arrive. Dr. Gevaarlijk | Milo notes that they haven't been replaced by Pistachions yet, as one Pistachion comments they're going to be mulched instead. Norm (1914) | The Pistachions are often called "Nutjobbers", most notably by, The Giant Pistachion was the only Pistachion to renounce destruction in the, However, in an early pitch for "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", Melissa would've remained a Pistachion after being turned into one by the. Then the tiny plant started to glow red. Random Swimwear (Mittington Random & Klimpalooners) | Derek, noticing the new time machine, climbs fearfully onto the rollercoaser, hoping to prevent the time machine from working. Brock Powell as Alien Pilot, the Alien Commander's. However, it turns out Candace is approaching them instead, playing a game called Ducky Mo-Go on her phone. Satisfied with the ideas, Orton wants to get started right away and offers Milo for help. When asked about Milo, Orton mentions that was the name of the "young ward" that was with them, revealing he had also written Sara, Melissa and Zack a letter that they should meet him at the school at 3:00 pm on today's date, fifteen minutes from now. Since the time vehicle's tank is leaking time juice, the gang is at risk of being stuck in the Time Stream once they're out of it. They are determined to overthrow the human race, and are the main antagonists of the Pistachions Arc, specifically in "Missing Milo", "Fungus Among Us" and "The Phineas and Ferb Effect". After that, Milo gets a call from Dakota and Cavendish from the future, in 1965, warning him for some intern. He also tells Buford that Murphy's Law has never been studied before, when the latter asks him about Murphy's Law. Norm-3PO | However, as the episode ends, the remaining part of the sentient blob appears on the yard from the vents, merging itself with the ruined plant and reviving it. An animated comedy adventure series that follows 13-year-old Milo Murphy, the fictional great-great-great-great grandson of the Murphy's Law namesake. Candace keeps explaining how Murphy's Law is not going to help them, as Milo protects the two of them from various things with the tools in his backpack. "Fungus Among Us" is a clear continuation of "Missing Milo", as the episode begins with a cold open, describing a short summary of what happened in "Missing Milo", and detailing one of the loose ends. In a state of panic, Doofenshmirtz activates the emergency escape button, causing them to appear in present-day in midair. At that time, Orton Mahlson is producing a show about the zoning commission, but it doesn't seem to go well. Dr. Not Sorry | Chloe | They later notice several more of them carrying a large flower pot with several human prisoners inside, including Mr. Block. The Pistachions (sometimes spelled as Pistashions) are a race of sentient, humanoid pistachio plants led first by King Pistachion, then later by his son Derek. An animated comedy adventure series that follows 13-year-old Milo Murphy, the fictional great-great-great-great grandson of the Murphy's Law namesake. As the episode properly starts on a shot of Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc., Cavendish starts gushing to Doofenshmirtz, revealing to him that Doofenshmirtz will eventually invent time travel as Professor Time, whom Cavendish is a big fan of. It suggests that the fabled Murphy's Law (whatever can go wrong will go wrong) is a real condition that afflicts its titular character and puts him through all sorts of unpredictable trials. Unfortunately, they don't have enough time to make full use of it, as Pistachions invade the workshop and capture the kids. This arc also adds an important role to Orton Mahlson, creator of the Doctor Zone franchise, of which Milo and his sister Sara are huge fans of. Morty Williams | Darthenshmirtz | Remember the proper Ferris Wheel evacuation protocols!". Beek | Although working on a new show,[4] Povenmire announced that he and Marsh "would both really love to do more Milo MurphyI'm willing to do more than one show at a time,"[5] and according to Povenmire, a possible third season hinged on its Disney+ viewership. 22min. Both generations have therefore been eradicated using dog pee and orange soda, respectively. In the Time Stream, Milo, Dakota and Cavendish find themselves in a part of the Time Stream without clocks. Doofenshmirtz reveals that he can't pinpoint a specific date because he had to make room for a cupholder, which frustrates Cavendish even further. . You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. This has a direct effect on the future Derek, as he fades away like his father and brethren before. Ninja Vampires | Additionally, Dakota and Cavendish come from the future to prevent pistachio extinction.An animated comedy adventure series that follows 13-year-old Milo Murphy, the fictional great-great-great-great grandson of the Murphy's Law namesake. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz | On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Milo, Dakota, Cavendish and Orton peek from outside and see a machine that scans Sara's entire body and creates a perfectly replicated disguise for Pistachions to wear. Goozim | With his past self destroyed, the future Derekand the other Pistachions (including Dennis and The Giant Pistachion)fade away from existence, which restores up the original timeline for good,turning everyone back to normal. Corn Colossus of Juatchadoon | Dakota and Cavendish's feud continues in "The Race", in which they attempt to sabotage Brick and Savannah's pistachio cart at a running event to raise money for runts. Mr. and Mrs. Doofenshmirtz | [6], The show currently comprises two seasons with 20 episodes each. This causes the time stream to change, nearly wiping all of the human race with new Pistachions. After Missing Milo, Cavendish and Dakota have grown cautious over the pistachio plants, believing that any of them will become a Pistachion, bent on taking over the world (implying they don't really know how the plant in the school yard turned into King Pistachion). Malifishmertz Evil Tradesman Association (Malifishmertz, Meatlings, Lawn Gnorme & Shepherd Spy) | Milo Murphy, Dakota, Cavendish As they try to run over the little plant, King Pistachion protects it by rooting his arms towards the limo, sending it into the school. Brandy | Sara is then taken away, as they discover that the once-grease-themed amusement park has been turned into a plant-infested human detention center, in which Sara is taken to a cell where she is joined by her parents, as well as Zack and Melissa. Lieutenant Tennant | Unfortunately, this turns out to be a ginormous Pistachion in disguise, who promptly attacks the heroes once his cover is blown. Back in the present time, Zack, Melissa and Sara get worried about Milo's absence, so Melissa and Zack comb through town in search for Milo, until they arrive at the cliffside and find Diogee and Milo's backpack, but no Milo. 2. When asked what he's doing in the daylight, noting that Chad says he's a vampire, Drako denies that claim, revealing a Pistachion hand with a flower, which he blows on to scatter pollen over Zack and Melissa, making them unconscious as they get carried away by several Pistachions disguised as children (one of them being disguised as Amanda). King Pistachion is an antagonist in Milo Murphy's Law who serves as the main villain of the episode "Missing Milo". Confused and befuddled, Melissa decides to take Sara and Zack to a secret room in her house, which is filled with pictures and belongings of Milo, hoping to find a clue about Milo's whereabouts. Zack reassures everyone that Dakota and Cavendish probably have defeated the Pistachions as they speak. In "Fungus Among Us", it is revealed that back in 1955, the Pistachion that Dakota knocked off his time vehiclehad spent seven yearscreating his own plan for overthrowing the human race. They return to Professor Time's Building, when Doofenshmirtz has already rebuilt the Time Travel-Inator, this time deliberately modeled after a taco stand. Welcome back to the tri-state area where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! He was a Time Traveler given the mission of protecting Pistachio nuts along with his partner (and best friend) Vinnie Dakota. Morg | King Pistachion was the king of a species of living pistachio plants known as "Pistachions" from the year 2175. Milo gets an idea where and when to, as the time limo reappears in what seems to be Danville, present time. Khaka Pe Pe | In the hour-long special "Missing Milo", Vinnie and Balthazar were contacted by their boss Mr. Block of their mission to ensure that the pistachios' existence remain intact by the year 2175. Arriving back to their time, Milo and the agents are horrified to learn that a horde of giant pistachio-like monsters (known as the Pistachions) have taken over the world and captured much of the human population (including Mr. Block) in giant pots. Dakota and Cavendish get caught in the act by Brick and Savannah, leading to Mr. Block demoting them to cleaning outhouses in the Renaissance. His hand is seemingly made of roots now, revealing his true nature as a Pistachion, which he hides in a present box. Doofenshmirtz Family-2 (Heinz Doofenshmirtz-2, Charlene Doofenshmirtz-2 & Vanessa Doofenshmirtz-2) | Worthington Dubois | Mongol Army (Doofus Khan) | Zachariah Yore | This arc centers around Milo, Dakota and Cavendish's battle against the Pistachions, mutated pistachio trees bent on taking over the world and destroying humanity, doubling as the show's first major antagonists. Candace is still in belief that ditching Milo would be the better idea, but Phineas claims they need anyone they can get. With 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Sabrina Carpenter, Mekai Curtis, Dan Povenmire. Giant Mechanical Ants | Meanwhile, Melissa, Zack, Buford and Baljeet encounter Derek in his Orton disguise, who reveals he's with the Pistachions, and tells them his backstory as Pistachions surround the kids, and explains how he took over the Doctor Zone empire. Baljeet reveals he finds it unbelievable that Milo's presence can affect the probability of events around him, as it violates all laws of physics. However, in the episode's cliffhanger ending, the five end up meeting the evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz (who too has avoided being imprisoned by the Pistachions for unknown reasons) after being trapped in his lair by accident. I am an admin of this site. device, standing for Machine Used Literally for Converying Humans To Plants (he notes that the T.P. As they speed through the tunnel, Dakota and Cavendish come up with the idea to locate Professor Time, the creator of time travel, and invent it early, as it turns out he lives in this particular year. As they went on their way, however, they dropped their transtemporal communicator, which Milo notices. "Murphy, can I carry you?" Milo's eyes manage to focus on Cavendish, but it seems to be a struggle. After evading the huge Pistachion attacks, Milo gains an idea how to escape. Candace's C.O. At that moment, they discover something impossibly peculiar: Milo is featured in the 50-year old pilot. The Phineas and Ferb Effect S2, E1: Milo and his friends, along with newly discovered neighbours Phineas, Ferb, Perry the Platypus, Candace, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford, work together to overcome Murphy's Law in order to stop a pistachio invasion. Pistachion soldiersNotable individuals:King Pistachion(leader)Derek(son)Jerry(son)Brandy (daughter)DennisGiant Pistachion Dakota and Cavendish suddenly see themselves from when they knock Derek off the Time Limo, which means there's clocks with Time Juice around, which they desperately try to grasp, but don't reach far enough. Cavendish and Dakota then managed to protect the sapling they're supposed to protect from Diogee, before the former accidentally destroys it by stepping on it. Gelatin Monster | As it gained intelligence and uprooted itself, the King Pistachion built an army of its offspring to take over the Bureau of Time Travel, and gather all kinds of clocks afterwards. The Time Travel-Inator then lands on a seemingly deserted island. See production, box office & company info, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe, MsMojo: Top 10 Animated Shows You Should be Watching. The Substitute (Origin) Missing Milo. Isabella suddenly arrives with her troop of Fireside Girls to untie Milo and the gang, while the Dakota paradoxes go in battle against the Pistachions. Just then, Pistachions arrive and break in. Potato Gremlins | Jeff "Swampy" Marsh! Just then, Milo arrives with the transtemporal communicator, allowing Murphy's Law to kick in, as the ground beneath Brick and Savannah crumbles and drops the two in the ocean, granting Cavendish and Dakota access to their time vehicle. Milo, knowing the praticular sewers, locates them to that address. Orton recognizes the two as Cavendish and Dakota, revealing that they inspired him to create the Doctor Zone franchise. With the interception gone, the three are now able to set a destination and leave the Time Stream. Milo Murphy's Law. Melissa and Zack rifle through Milo's backpack to see if it's packed with anything they can use against the Pistachions, and find three hedge trimmers. Melissa took a deep breath as she said, "Milo, I appreciate everything you've ever done for me. Milo, Zack and Melissa, with their new neighbors Phineas and Ferb, work together to stop the pistachio invasion! The Pistachions have a variety of skills and abilities unique to their species, which they utilize in their attempts at overthrowing the human race. Everything you need to know about Cavendish and Dakota's mission and how Milo changed it forever, up to right before the special episode "Missing Milo". At that moment, an air duct falls on top of the Time Travel-Inator, meaning that Doofenshmirtz will have to rebuild it while Milo goes to his house alongside Perry and Diogee. Milo gets told by his friends Melissa has a secret room full of pictures of him, and they also tell him that they saw Milo in the lost Doctor Zone episode, and inform him about his letter. device is ready for use at this time, as the Pistachions begin the conversion, starting with Bradley and Irving, followed by Amanda and Buford. Despite the fact that they managed to defeat some Pistachions, it doesn't last very long until King Pistachion grabs Dakota, Cavendish, Zack, Melissa and Sara, climbs on top of the school, and threatens Milo to move away from the plant before he can destroy it. As Dakota and Cavendish fumble with a rocket engine, Milo sees his backpack dangling at the flagpole and tries lowering the flag in order to reach it. However, while they contact Mr. Block about their success, they spot through their communicator that Mr. Block is being attacked. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! Nemesis: Control Freak | Doofenwarlock | Milo Murphy's Law is an American animated television series that centers on a young boy, who is a descendant of Edward A. Murphy Jr., the namesake of Murphy's law, which states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. One of the Pistachions makes a single-frame cameo at the football stadium in "The Llama Incident", prior to "Missing Milo", caught in the llama stampede as they chase Melissa, covered in pistachio gelatin, foreshadowing how Milo, Cavendish, and Dakota will distract the Pistachions as they try to get back to the current year and day. GenocideWorld DominationKidnappingIdentity thief Both King Pistachion and Derek eventually became full sized Pistachions. Him and Dakota were later banished to the present and lived as Alien Refuse Engineers. The sentient blob tries to pull Dakota back in, but he and Cavendish managed to separate part of the blob as they closed the door, and the partial blob gets sent into the vents. The wood of their lower legs and feet is thicker and darker in color than that of the rest of their bodies, and they have large, red eyes and sharp teeth. Pistachions have been referenced twice in "Abducting Murphy's Law": when Cavendish yearns for an exciting, world-saving job, Dakota points out that it currently doesn't exist, listing the Pistachions being gone as one of the reasons that the world isn't in any danger, and that Cavendish doesn't have to worry about anything. Rodrigo | Michael Culross as Kyle Drako, a middle school teacher with a slight. However, the Pistachion Dakota hit earlier with the bag of clocks is still tumbling in the Time Stream, arriving at a town fair in 1955, ten years before the creation of Doctor Zone, suggesting that the Pistachions are far from gone yet. Doofenshmirtz blames Cavendish for pressuring him to become a time traveling while he has no idea how to be one, and tells himhe knows when he's not welcomed, and thus leaves the group. Milo, Diogee and Perry manage to reach his home without getting caught, but they are eventually discovered by Pistachions disguised as Milo's parents. I'm still writing, just it's some other . It is then settled that Milo joins Dakota and Cavendish on their way to 1965, leaving Zack and Melissa home. They have successfully taken over the land at this point and are going to reshape it in their image. He was voiced by Rhys . The four start cowering in fear as they anticipate the Pistachions. Starring "Weird Al" Yankovic, Sabrina . After the call, Dakota gives Milo one of the clocks he managed to save as a souvenir. They leave Orton and arrive at the Jefferson County Middle School, hoping to meet Milo there. They are anthropomorphic pistachio monsters (led by King Pistachion, and later by Derek) bent on taking over the world at all costs. However, the rocket engine rams into the flagpole, sending the backpack swinging, as Milo catches it before it gets stuck in a tree, while the rest hides behind Cavendish and Dakota's own time vehicle. The Regurgitator | This is Thesecret1070. Cavendish reveals that Time Juice will be used in the future to not only make time travel possible, but also make clockwork even more accurate than before, to which Dakota realizes why the Pistachions wanted to take away all the clocks back in "Missing Milo". [3] The series takes place in the same universe as Povenmire and Marsh's previous series Phineas and Ferb, with multiple references to the show occurring across season one, culminating in a crossover at the beginning of the second season and continuing throughout with other plot threads from the former series. Editing: Zippy (nachiopistachio). Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Flying Squirrels | Introduction Arc and the Counteragent Arc, which includes some of Milo Murphy's Law's most quintessential episodes. Orville Von Roddenstein | He was a giant anthropomorphic pistachio monster bent on taking over the world at all cost with his own army of Pistachions by his side. Animal-Borgs (Perry the Platyborg, Peter the Pandaborg, Pinky the Chihuahuaborg & Terry the Turtleborg) | With only Milo, Diogee, Dakota, Cavendish & Orton Mahlson remaining as the only ones to evade the Pistachions' capture, they seek to find the world's first time-traveler Professor Time to get some answers. After being chased into an ice cream shop and through a shopping district, Milo, Cavendish and Dakota manage to reach the time limousine and barely escape the Pistachions, before their king reveals their own time machine to go after them. In "Missing Milo", Cavendish and Dakota were assigned to protect a pistachio plant at the Jefferson County Middle School, but note that it appears to be the exact same plant they tried protecting before, but failed protecting it last time. Melissa reveals she kept this room to try find a way to cure Murphy's Law, but stopped as she realized Milo wouldn't want that. He . Doofenshmirtz's Mecha | Dakota pushes the emergency return button and barely make it out of the Time Stream. He then reveals various crew member have also been replaced by Pistachions. Meanwhile, Cavendish and Dakota travel ten minutes back in time, so they and Milo can figure out how this managed to happen and how they'll be able to revert it. The giant Pistachion attempts to pursue, but the grille he's stuck with prevents him to do so. He notices Cavendish's old-timey outfit, and a clock Dakota put in front of his face, inspiring him to create Doctor Zone and Time Ape, and approaches them, asking them about their weird vehicle. Sand Blaster | They meet up with Dakota, Cavendish, Orton and Doofenshmirtz and climb onto a nearby rollercoaster as the mulched characters still chase them. Dakota follows the hallway towards a lard stream, where Milo, Cavendish, Orton and Diogee are waiting in a speed boat. After Dakota ties himself to a rope, he leaps and manages to grab the tailing clock, which he gives to Doofenshmirtz.
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